Create Google Account

A5 Documents is using Google Docs functionality for managing merged document templates. We chose this platform for our app because we think Google Docs is the most modern and efficient platform for managing your documents in the cloud. It’s extremely simple to adapt as it has most of the features Microsoft Office Word has to offer. You have to setup your Google account to access your Google Drive where you can create or upload your content prior to installing A5 Documents app. You can learn more about Google Docs here.


Install and Configure the App from App Exchange

  1. Go to the AppExchange profile for A5 Documents to install the app into your Salesforce org.
  2. Click the Get It Now green button.
    Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.35.42 PM
  3. Follow the steps prompted to install the package in Production or Sandbox org.
    1. After you click to install, you will be prompted to check box to “grant access” to the following Third-Party access by Google to use A5 Documents app:


 Authorize Your Google Drive Account to A5 Documents

  1. Click on ‘A5 Documents Configuration’ tab after selecting “A5 Documents” from your app window or by clicking on the more tabs (+) symbol at top.
    1. If using Lighting Experience, please refer to this article for more detail on initial setup.
  2. Authorize the App with Google account you would like to use with A5 Documents (can create a free gmail/google drive account to register or you can use a G Drive/Company drive) .
    1. NOTE: Each A5 Documents user will have to authorize their own user with Google Drive in order to use the app. Or there is an option if you would like to authorize One Google Drive account for all your Salesforce users to use when generating documents, see this article for more detail.
  3. You will be prompted to “allow” A5 Documents to access to your Google Drive: