If you would like to authorize one Google Drive account for all your Salesforce users to use when generating documents, have the one selected Admin profile user follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Salesforce Setup > Developer > Visualforce Page > Click on ‘Administration’ page.
  2. Click on “Preview” custom button on top right.
  3. From there, VisualForce page will come up and there will be two separate tab options on left:
    one for Drive authorization and one for Batch Mode (see this article fore more detail on Batch Mode).
  4. Click on “Authorization” tab. The authorization section contains:
    1. Enable Authorization for all A5 Documents Users: One checkbox to define that Salesforce user can authorize on behalf of all other users
    2. Authorization User: Picklist with a list of users to choose from in Salesforce to authorize drive for all other users (usually a system Admin)
    3. Force Authorization for all A5 Documents Users: Second checkbox to force this authorization for all users (do not check this optional box if you have any individual users that want to authorize their own google drive)
  5. Click to save settings
  6. After above steps done, go to A5 Documents Configuration tab to authorize and connect the Google Drive you would like to use for ALL your Salesforce users.
  7. After above steps are complete, test successful document generation under same Admin user.
  8. After document is generated successfully under Admin user, you can test this org wide feature by logging in as a different user (different than the user that you configured under Administration page) and test to generate document. This user should be able to also successfully generate document with no authorization error and the generated document will go to the same Google Drive as the Admin user specified.

If you need to revoke access and/or delete previous authorizations: 

  1. If you checked the box to ‘force authorization for all users,’ under Administration Visualforce page as outlined above, then this will override the previous authorizations.
  2. If you did not check this box or do not want to force authorization for ALL users, then you have option to individually revoke the google drive authorization token under each user:
    1. For each user that you want to revoke access, have their user go to A5 Documents Configuration tab and then click ‘Revoke Access’ button. Once they do this step, they will now generate documents to the same drive as the admin user specified as long as they had checked box  to define that ‘one user can authorize on behalf of all other users’ under Administration VisualForce page.
    2. If this user or any other user still wants to authorize a separate google drive from the one admin specified, they can go back to A5 Document Configuration tab to click “grant access” and this will override the admin setting/drive (as long as the box was not checked under admin to ‘force this authorization for all users’).