Error Message:
URL No Longer Exists: You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer assists on (see example screenshot below).

You may see this error message for one of the following reasons:

  1. If you are using Lightning Experience and trying to go to A5 Documents Configuration tab. This 3rd party authorization page is not yet available in Lightning for any apps so please switch to Classic and then authorize the app/google drive account. After authorizing, you can switch back to Lightning and use app as normal.
  2. If trying to access a page in Salesforce that no longer exists, check the page again and make sure it is same page or tab you were trying to access originally.
  3. Make sure only logged into one Salesforce org at a time when authorizing app as this may cross communication issues between orgs.
  4. Error could be caused by that Salesforce user not having access to all or some of app package components. You can check app components by going to Setup > Installed Packages > A5 Documents > View Components. Make sure user has access to all of them.
  5. Check Salesforce Sharing Rules under Setup for “Document Action” custom object. Make sure custom object is set to edit/public access so all users can access this object. Cannot be restricted or read only if that user wants to generate documents.
  6. User trying to access A5 Documents Configuration tab or document action object is not an active or assigned app user.
  7. If unable to resolve this error from all issues above, please submit a case to Support for additional assistance.

Example Screenshot of Error Message: