• To use Salesforce Documents instead of Attachments or Files,  go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Click on ‘A5 Documents’ link > Click on ‘Manage’ next to A5 Documents Settings > Click ‘Edit’ > Check box to ‘Use Documents’ and in that case Documents will be generated.
  • When using ‘documents,’ the copy of generated document will go to your Documents tab (go to + sign for more tabs). You will not see the generated document go under your record like using Attachments or Files.
  • If you would like to specify a folder for the generated documents to go into under Documents, click to modify Document Action page layout and add the custom field ‘Documents Folder’ to the layout (suggested placement next to Google Doc ID/Folder ID in top section). Then paste your ‘Document Unique Name’ into this field on document action. The unique name will look like an API name with no spaces, example “Opportunity_Generated_Quotes.”

NOTE: If you would like to generate “Files” instead of Attachments or Documents, please see this article.