Yes you can do this though it requires some additional configuration. Here are some options depending on what works best for your use case:

  1. It’s possible to create a button that can be used to check a lot of records and generate documents for all of them. You need to create a custom button that will call a Visual Force/APEX page that will then trigger the document merge function that we make available for you to do this kind of automation. If you need any assistance to develop this, our consulting team can do it for you as a service and can introduce you if you would like.
  2. Another option for automation is to update a value on a record that can trigger a Workflow to automatically generate the documents. We have an automation feature to make it easier to automate document generation, see this article and the other automation articles available for more information. Basically you could check the boxes next to records, then double click into a field in one of the columns and then mass change that value which can trigger workflow for all those records modified. Otherwise put your button on the Object layout instead of on the List View.
  3. Third option to consider is that you can create a formula field that contains a link like “X List” that can be clicked to go to the Document Action URL instead of using a button. Then you can put this formula field as a column on your List View. This would allow you to go through the list and click the link for each record in the List View without having to click into the record first.

Depends exactly what you are trying to do to see what best option is. If you would like assistance with developing this process or would like to discuss best option for your use case, our consulting team can assist you: You can also submit a case to support to let them know you would like to connect with Consulting team.