We suggest to test under the new user prior to original app user leaving if possible. This will make for a smoother transition between users and google drive settings:
1. Open up current google doc templates that are being used in active document actions (can access by click on the “here” button from above the embedded template builder within document action or find the template directly on your company drive if applicable).
2. Notice the sharing/permission sets on original google doc templates made by colleague if you would like to keep it the same with new template (keep original template IDs copied on clipboard or place in folder on computer or google drive).
3. Go to¬†“File” and then “Make a Copy” of each of your google doc template and save it to the new users google drive so that they become the owner of the new google doc templates.
4. Replace the current template IDs with the new IDs in each related document action. inOnce you have the new templates copied to your google drive,
5. Go to A5 Documents Configuration tab to authorize app and google drive to be used with new user and new template IDs already in document action(s) and make sure your user is an active assigned user to the app following end of our activation instructions).
6. Then test document generation under new user. If you find an error message, do a search in our Knowledge Base to see if you can find related error article. If you are unable to find and not sure what issue is, submit a case to support with more detail and provide login access to A5 Apps.
7. Have new user review any needed support articles for more detail on setup and instruction (begin with “Getting Started” section).