Use Case:
I have an existing PDF template that I would like to use with A5 Documents. What is best way to convert PDF to Google Doc format?

For PDF templates, you can use another app or website like this one that converts it into a Word Document and then you can upload your word document to Google Docs. BEST practice is to start with a fresh google doc and copy section by section from a word docment so there is no hidden formatting when using template with A5 Documents.

Note that it takes time to recreate your PDF template but best to start fresh and not be super tied to exactly how it looked as a PDF as the formatting does look different. Google Docs has many great features for formatting and making it look nice, see this article to learn more about formatting with Google Docs. It will take a little time to recreate but know that it also took time to create the original PDF and once you have your template ready, there is no constant rework and you’ll be set for success.

Article online for converting PDF to google doc: