To print your generated document: 

1) Option to download it right away (check box to ‘download’ document in document action) then you click to open it on recent downloads and then print PDF like normal.
***Option to auto open document in Preview if using a MAC.
2) You can print after you click to open the PDF from the Notes & Attachments related list (or Files if using LEX).
3) Click on google doc link you saved in a URL field after generated and print document from google drive. If you have a lot of documents on drive that you would like to print at once, you can save all Google docs to a Google drive folder then batch print from Google drive or by syncing to your computer and print them from there.

If you would like to configure a process to mass print your documents, see this article for more detail. Or if you are interested in learning more on how to print labels for envelopes, see this article for more info.