Consulting Reply:
If you would like to setup a process of mass printing documents, we suggest to use feature in document action to save the google doc URL to a field (see this article for more detail on how to create this field and paste into document action). Then create a formula field that displays the button to generate the document and then shows a link to view/print it if it exists. Then document is generated and then in just one more click, you can open the document to print.

There is also a feature called Google Cloud Print that can auto print files uploaded to your google drive that could be even more efficient. No need to open the google doc, just gets printed when generated.

Another option would be to save the link to the PDF attachment/file into a field and then create a button or formula/button/link that is displayed to make it more efficient to click to open the PDF once saved. You would need to configure a Process Builder to do this.