Full Use Case:
Our customer is making garden jobs/presentations for his customers on an external website.
We are gathering all the information we need to make the invoice and import them to Salesforce through the website API. Once our customer change the status of the job on Salesforce, we are generating an “Invoice” (Custom object, not like a paper, just an object that contains all the invoice informations) in Salesforce instance. We are using A5 Documents for the invoice page layout that our customer asked for. But we’re also working with a partner, who’s job is automation of mail sending (email or postal way). Our partner needs us to send him one file only with all the invoices on different pages of the file (PDF or docx, it doesn’t matter). So I would like to know if it’s possible, with RS Documents, to merge the invoice files generated for each invoice and merge it into 1 file only.


A5 Apps Consulting Reply:
A5 Documents does not have a feature built in to merge multiple existing PDFs. We have built a PDF merge service that can be hosted on an Azure Cloud server if you are interested.  Or you can build something as well using apex and an external service to merge pdfs. I’m not sure why they would want one large PDF and I’m not sure how large it would be but the process sounds a little strange.  Wonder why you can’t send a PDF for each invoice. If you would like some help to build something to merge all together in one document let us know by emailing support@ramseysolutions.com and we can discuss your process in more detail. We charge $175/hour for some custom services like this (estimate maybe 6-15 hours to develop this depending on the exact needs).