Full Use Case:
Would like to be able to select an existing (already generated) google doc from the Notes & Attachments related list and auto send with the email through A5 Documents. I do not want to send the generated document from document action but to be able to send an existing PDF that was already generated in past. Is this possible to do?
To give a full example of process:
1) Client receives an order
2) Salesforce user is generating a PO from one document action and then generating the invoice from another document action.
3) Then Salesforce user is sending these documents to together to the client/buyer.


It’s a Salesforce limitation to not be able to select an existing attachment and doesn’t have anything to do with our app. When you send emails, you can only attach Documents to the email.  We are working on a new feature in A5 Documents to configure it to add to Files instead of Attachments which may help with this use case.

We would suggest saving the link to the google doc in a field, then creating the email template that can use that google doc link and could even link to export PDF version of that google doc.  You can create a field to save google doc for PO and another field for the Invoice google doc.  And merge both into the email template.