AppExchange Checkout for A5 Documents Subscription

  1. Customer will use AppExchange checkout to purchase the app subscription and follow the A5 Documents activation instructions
  2. When going through activation instructions and AppExchange checkout, Salesforce advises to double check your order details, and then agree to Salesforce terms and conditions (see below section). If you’re purchasing a subscription, you can edit it anytime on the My Installs and Subscriptions page of your AppExchange profile.
  3. App Description: RS Documents renamed to A5 Documents. Generate documents from Google Doc templates based on Salesforce data. Merge any salesforce data and related data. Generate PDFs, Word Docs, Google Docs and auto attach or email.
  4. App Listing:
    1.  First listed on AppExchange: 9/10/2014
    2. Latest release date for app on AppExchange: 5/11/2020
  5. Pricing Plans available:
    1. $7.00 USD per user per month  
    2. $75.60 USD per user per year

Salesforce Terms & Conditions

  1. If is not listed as the provider of this application, or if the provider listed is Salesforce Labs, then the application is not provided or warranted by You and/or other users at your company may be able to use this application to access your or your company’s data in the system. However, using this application may also result in transmission of such data out of the system. To the extent data is transmitted out of the system, is not responsible for the privacy, security or integrity of that data. 
  2. For some purchases, you may owe a sales or use tax not collected by the AppExchange Provider. Your state’s law requires you to review untaxed purchases, and if tax is owed, file a use tax return and pay the tax due. For purchases made on the AppExchange Provider’s platform, the Provider may be required to notify you about the potential tax liability for the purchase and share the information with your state’s revenue department. For Washington residents, this notice is provided under the Revised Code of Washington 82.13.020(3)(a). Please visit “” for more information.
  3. Inc. is not the provider of this application but has conducted a limited security review. Please click here for detailed information on what is and is not included in this review.

A5 Documents Support Details

  1. Phone: +1 (855) 997-2989
  2. Contact Support:
  3. Knowledge Base (Documentation):
  4. Company: By A5 Apps (Previously Ramsey Solutions)


Company Information

  1. Name: A5 Apps LLC (Previously Ramsey Solutions)
  2. Address: 2443 FILLMORE STREET #380-6274
    San Francisco CA, 94115
  3. Founded: 2006
  4. Website:
  5. Company Description: With 10 years of Salesforce consulting experience and over 800 projects we identify gaps in the Salesforce marketplace where we can provide apps that don’t exist or build something better than the competitors.


A5 Documents Support Details

  1. Phone: +1 (855) 997-2989
  2. Email:
  3. Knowledge Base (Documentation):
  4. Company: By A5 Apps (Previously Ramsey Solutions)


A5 Documents Installation Details

Salesforce Editions

  1. Lightning Ready Professional & Up Salesforce1 Mobile
  2. Salesforce Edition Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance
  3. Other System Requirements N/A

Package Components

  1. Custom Objects: 6
  2. Custom Applications: 1
  3. Custom Tabs: 3
  4. Global: 0
  5. Community Builder: 0

A5 Documents Privacy Policy 

  1. A5 Documents is built on the Salesforce platform using Apex and Visual Force.  So you may refer to Salesforce Privacy Policy in regards to use of Salesforce.  Then A5 Documents uses your Google Drive account to get google docs for templates and to generate new google docs and save them into your Google Drive.  You control the access of your google docs within your Google Drive account for each document.  Then A5 Documents has a Google Script that is hosted on Google that processes the document requests to generate documents.  Please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for more information about using their service.
  2. All the data comes with your own Salesforce org, and is processed on Google and saved within your Google Drive.  When you create a Document Action, you can set what sharing permission you want to set for new google documents generated.  A5 Documents itself does not process or store any of your data from Salesforce or from your Google Drive account.
  3. When you authorize your Google account to use within Salesforce under the RS/A5 Documents Configuration tab, you are authorizing Salesforce with the A5 Documents app to create new and modify your Google Documents.  The Oauth token of access is saved in a custom setting within Salesforce.  The authorization is also saved in your Google Account.  If you go to Apps Connected to Your Account page in Google you can see the list of 3rd party apps you have authorized to use your Google Account and can deauthorize A5 Documents there.  The access token is saved within your Salesforce org and A5 Documents does not have access to this directly.  Using that Oauth token saved in your Salesforce A5 Documents using Apex is able to make API calls to Google to create a copy of the template document in your Google Drive, then to update the document with the merge fields, then to set the sharing permission specified in the Document Action.  The Google Doc is saved within your Google Drive or in any Google Drive folder you specify that you have write access to.
  4. If you elected to generate another format than Google Doc like PDF, Word, then the file is generated and saved into your Salesforce org.  A5 Documents never processes or retains any of your data or files.  New files can be saved as Attachment or File within your Salesforce org. We have no access to your Google User data nor do we share any of your Google User data.
  5. For more detail on the security of the Google Drive platform, you can review this article.