Optionally you can set default email address that you want the email to be sent from.

  • To do this you should first create an Organization-Wide Email Address: Go to Setup–>Email Administration –> Organization-Wide Addresses.
  • Click Add and set the Name and Email address and permission.
  • If you only allowing certain profiles to use the address, make sure these are the same profiles as assigned to users that will be using A5 Documents apps.
  • Click “Save”. The email address has to be verified now. Verification link is sent to that email and you need to open and click the link to activate it.
  • Then from the list of Organization-Wide Addresses locate the one you just created and click “Edit”.
  • In URL at the top locate Salesforce ID and copy it. Salesforce ID will be after “salesforce.com/” and before “/e”. For example: In URL https://na30.salesforce.com/0D2360000008Qkk/e Salesforce ID is be 0D2360000008Qkk
  • Paste Org-Wide Address Salesforce Id into Document Action field Email From Org Wide Address.
  • Save the document action and then copy your updated doc action code and paste into your custom button.