Error Message:
Error while creating new document. Error message: Read timed out

-This error can happen when clicking button to generate document or when triggering an automation process.

– The error can happen from different variables or reason:

  1. You are trying to merge a lot of SF data from google doc template into generated document from a particular record. You may also have images or many actions trying to be processed with document generation causing it to time out. If you find the error may be from how many related list items you are merging, you can consider using the “filter” feature in template builder to only filter some of the related records needed into document.
  2. You may be using the Conditional Section merge feature and you have the conditional section end merge field at bottom of your template. Can review more details in this article for how to format the merge fields in your template to avoid this read time out error.
  3. You may have some hidden formatting within your template causing it to time out. If you uploaded a word doc to convert to google doc, there may be some hidden formatting or tables that are not visible. You can test creating a brand new google doc (do not copy the original) and the same merge fields and related list table from original template. Then replace new google doc ID into document action that was returning error and test to see if timeout error happens from the same record you saw it before with original template ID. If error is resolved, then you know an issue with hidden formatting and you use the new template that has no hidden formatting.
  4. Check if your org has hit their daily API limit. If the limit has not been reached, see point below.