1. After you saved your Document Action and created custom button following the Basic Configuration Getting Started article,  click “Edit Template Document” button in top right corner within document action to modify your Google Docs template with Salesforce merge data.
  2. Select parent Object and Field that you want to merge onto the document:
    1. If you need to select any field from related record of the object that is set in a lookup field, in the “Select Field” area all lookup fields will have “ID>” following the name. Click on it and a menu with fields from that object will show up on the right.
      For Example: If you need to access Account Name from Opportunity you should click Account ID > and then select Account Name from the menu that will show up.
  3. Copy the value from “Merge Field Code” and paste into the template.
    1. You can also include merge field in the document name (top left of document) so it merges a unique filename from each object record it is generated from.
    2. You can also merge fields (including images) into the “Header” and “Footer” of document just as you can merge into main body of document. From menu bar at top of Google Doc, click on “Insert” and then click on the header and/or footer to insert into document into document if not already visible. If you do merge a field in this area, the field value or image will show on every page of document.
  4. NOTE: If you are trying to merge Rich Text fields into template, please review this article.
  5. If you are ready to merge related list / child object items onto your template, move to the next article that shows you to merge these related list fields into a table.