Package 2.121

Released Date: 10/14/21

  • Email Preview Option in Lightning Experience – We have created an email preview option in Lightning Experience that uses Lightning Email Composer to preview an email. Detailed information: Create Email Preview with Lightning Email Composer
  • Bulk Merge Images feature – This feature speeds up image merging for customers merging 3 or more images into their template. Detailed information: Template Configuration

Package 2.116

Released Date: 8/19/2021

  • Record Id and Attachment Id saved on Document Request record – We have added the following fields on the Document Request object that are populated when a document is generated – regardless of whether it is generated manually or automatically. These fields allow customers to configure a Process Builder, Flow, or Apex on the Document Request object to copy the Attachment Id value when the status of the Document Record is “Complete”  to the base object if this value is needed anywhere else. Detailed information: Automate Document Generation.
    • Record Id – Id of the record that has initiated Document Request (e.g. Opportunity Id)
    • Attachment Id – After Document is created this will contain Id of the generated Attachment/File
    • Google Doc URL – After Document is created, this will contain URL of the generated Google Doc

Package 2.114

Released Date: 07/30/2021

  • Download File and Delete Google Doc After Merge – Users can now set a Document Action to both download a file and delete a Google Doc after merge.
  • Update to DocGen Authorization Page – After installing the A5 Documents app, when users click the DocGen Configuration tab, only the Grant Access button will be enabled. This is to make it clear that the user is not authorized yet. Similarly, after clicking on the Grant Access button, the user will be redirected to the Google Drive authorization page and immediately after allowing access to the Google Drive, the Grant Access button will be disabled while the Revoke Access button will be enabled. This is to make it clear that the user authorization was successful.
  • Batch Mode – The Batch mode section on the Administrator VisualForce page has been reinstated in order to allow customers to manually enable Batch Mode in order to resolve Document Requests stuck in “New” status due to problems with guest site user permissions. Once enabled, the Batch Job will be scheduled and it will execute after every x minutes (number of minutes must be set in Document Settings>Batch Timeout field). For all other customers that don’t have problems with a Document Request stuck in “New” status, Batch mode on the Administrator VisualForce page must be disabled because their Batches are executed through the Document Request trigger.
  • eSign Preview Validation Rules
    1. Validation rule on Document Action created to prevent saving a value to both the Signer 2 Required and Witness Required fields at the same time.
    2. Validation rule on document Action created to prevent saving a record when a value is saved to the Witness Required or Signer 2 Required fields and Email template is blank.
  • Signer 2 Checkbox Field – New checkbox field (Signer 2 Required) has been added to the Document Action layout. If Signer2Required equals true, after creating the new document and redirecting to the Email preview page, Require Signer 2 dropdown will be set to “Yes” and Signer 2 NameSigner 2 Email, and Signer 2 Email Template will be merged to the on the preview page. 
  • Searchable Picklist – When selecting a Document Action from within the Generate Any Document Action button, you will see that we have replaced the combobox picklist from the Aura component with the searchable picklist Lightning Web Component.
  • Auto Email with Email Additional To – You can now auto send a document using the Email Additional To field instead of the Email To field. This feature allows you to auto email a document to an email address that is stored in a field. 

Package 2.109

Released Date: 12/24/20

  • Execute Any Document Action – You can now assign certain document action templates to a group and configure a default group within the custom button code to only show templates from a certain group when generating document. More details defined in this article.
  • Batch Mode – Batch Mode Automation improvements and changes to automation article. With this package update users no longer need to manually enable batch mode as it enabled already. The standard automation method is utilizing the Document Request custom object and more details defined in this automation article.
  • Related List in Related List – You can now merge an additional related list from a child object using this new feature that is detailed in this article.
  • Monthly Document Generation Limits – Update to monthly document generation limits. Limitation of 10,000 documents for 1-10 user licenses. Can see this article for more detail on limitations and pricing. In coordination with feature above, you will not be able to delete document request records used for automation as the document needs to exist in order for the app to know the monthly document count. You will be able to delete the Document Requests after the current month period is over.
  • App Authorization Fix – Fix of DocGen Configuration to save authorization token if you received bad request error when authorizing the app.

Package 2.101

Released Date: 07/20/20

  • Salesforce Security Regulations – Latest Salesforce security regulations with app users requires users to have at least read access to fields and objects in use with document generation. If users do not have proper access to fields in use, they may see an error message referring to inaccessible field.
  • Merge Additional PDFs – Package update also includes new feature to merge additional PDF documents into document generation per this article.
  • Conditional Section Merge Fix – Fixed feature issue with Google Apps Script for conditions when all the filtered records have the condition false.