After you checked out a trial and ready to move forward and take your process live for your company, make sure to check the following Permissions, as sometimes this can cause confusion or errors while using the app:

  1. Check if you have a license assigned to your user for A5 Documents and make sure A5 Documents license is active.
  2. Check if you have access to the A5 Documents app components: Visualforce page, Apex Classes, Triggers, Documents Action object.
  3. Make sure you authorized access to the App via All Tabs(+) -> A5 Documents Configuration.
    1. Make sure you are logged into a single Google account when you authorize the app.
  4. Make sure that you logged in into correct Google account in your browser. And you are not logged into any other Google accounts at the same time.
  5. Make sure you have access to any fields that the Document Action is trying to update like a URL text field that will get populated with Google Doc link.
  6. Make sure you have access to edit the record/object that you are performing the Document Action on.
  7. Do you have Read access to the Google Doc template used in the document action.  Click on Document Action, then Edit Template and make sure you can at least see it.
  8. If you are saving the new document to a Google Folder as indicated in the Document Action, do you have EDIT access to that folder.  You can copy the folder ID on the Document Action record and paste it into the url after ““ to verify.  And try to add a document to this folder to make sure you have permission to create a document in the folder.
  9. If you are sharing the new document to something other than Private, do you have the ability to share your Google Docs in the same way as indicated in the Document Action. Some companies have their security settings at the admin level that do not allow their users to share any Google Docs publicly meaning “Anyone with the link.”  Usually it would say “Anyone with the link at your company can view.”  If you can’t share to anyone with the link, then you can’t set Document Action to share with anyone with the link.  Or Public as an example.  You can change your admin level security to accommodate this if needed.