Example Use Case:
Want to know if possible to prevent duplicate related list values being merged into my document. At the moment two records have a checkbox which equals true which is pulling in the relevant information using the filter feature in template builder but is there a way to prevent the ‘Creator Name’ from populating multiple times if it is the same name? For example, there could be 5 records belonging to one Creator, we need all the information pulled in from each record but ideally we don’t want the name repeated 5 times.

Feedback from A5 Apps Expert team:
This button is merging from some object that has the related list and you want to merge values from the related list for one record basically because it’s the same value.  Then merge multiple records from the related list. If there is a way to get that single value of Creator Name on the main/base object instead of merging it from the related list, that would be an easy fix. You may be able to merge the field without a table if that would work to merge one value. And last thinking is there any way to filter to have 1 record for that first merge.

Example solution to resolve is to a workflow rule to get the ‘Creator Name’ onto the Parent Object, so the document is now merging the Creator Name once. Also have a filter (filter feature referred to in this article) to pull in records that have a checkbox ticked.