It is possible to configure your org to provide link in email to your customers so they can generate document when they click on that link. To set up this process, you need to:

  • Configure a Site:
    • Go to Setup > Sites,
    • If you don’t have a site, create one—under Sites section, click New,
    • Populate required fields, and optionally non-required,
    • For Default Web Address, leave it as it is or append a word after the slash (/)
    • Select Active Site Home Page—for default select A5 Documents’ GenerateDocument page (with rsdoc namespace prefix),
    • You can leave rest of the fields as they are and click Save,
    • Click on Public Access Settings > Object Settings, and set following permissions:
      • View All on Document Action
      • Read, Create on Document Request
      • Read on the object that is used to merge, e.g. Opportunity
      • Enable Field Level Security on Document Request
    • For more info about creating and configuring sites, refer to this article: Salesforce Sites,

Figure: Creating a site and selecting A5 Documents’ GenerateDocument page as Active Site Home Page

  • Enable Authorization for all A5 Documents users and authorize the app again—if already enabled, skip these steps and go to creating and configuring document action step:
    • Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages > Administration > Preview,
    • Check the Enable Authorization for all A5 Documents users? checkbox,
    • Under Authorization User, select the user who has authorized the A5 Documents app,
    • Click Save,
    • Click on DocGen Configuration tab from App Launcher,
    • Click Grant Access, and follow the steps to log in to your desired Google Drive,
    • These steps will enable your Site Guest User to use token of this org-wide user,
    • For more info about authorization, refer to these articles: Basic Configuration: Getting Started and Authorize One Google Drive Org Wide,

Figure: Enabling the A5 Document the app to allow for Site Guest User to generate documents

Figure: Authorizing the app—this step is necessary after enabling authorization for all A5 Documents users

  • Create and configure a document action your customers will use for generating documents:
    •  Set the Redirect To field to Google Doc,
    • Depending on requirements, you can set rest of the options on document action (field update, email, signature, download file…),
    • For more info about authorization, refer to these articles: Basic Configuration: Getting Started,

Figure: Configuring document action—note that Redirect To is set to Google Doc

  • Create an email template that you will use to send a document that contains the link:
    • Make sure your email template contains a URL to your site, e.g. SiteURL?id={!Opportunity.Id}&templateId=GDT-000000&attach=true&download=true&output=pdf, where SiteURL is a URL of the site you created and configured, and the part after the question mark (?) is copied from the document action’s Button Code (or Button Link/Code) field.
    • For more info about email templates, refer to this article: Email Templates

Keep in mind that this is a default configuration. You can modify this process to fit your needs, like setting a different Visualforce page as a home page, connecting it to different apex controller, configuring more document actions and email templates for different groups of customers, etc. The key point is that you must have a site which you will specify in a URL you will be sending to your customers. How will you configure email sending process (will you use different automation tools or manually), and how will you handle customers hitting your site when clicking on the link you sent them, depends completely on your business process and requirements.