Steps to transition app process to new user or google drive:
  1. Ensure that each user has granted access to their google drive account using their own google user when logged into Salesforce under the A5 Documents Configuration page.  If you have configured an org wide google authorization, ensure that this google user is the client’s google user.  If needed have them create a free google user so they can use that to manage all the templates and have access to the google drive.
  2. Ensure all google doc templates in the document actions and all google drive folders are owned by the client’s google user.  You can change the owner of google docs and folders to your clients google user.  Also related to this is making sure the sharing to the google doc and any google folders used are shared properly.  If you make the client the owner then should not be an issue.  You can change the client to the owner and then share the google doc/folder with your own google user with edit access so you can still support.  Best practice we suggest is to transition all ownership over to the client’s own user and don’t keep anything owned by your user.  Just give yourself edit access to support.  For sharing of google doc templates and folders, the important thing to remember is who should be able to edit the google doc template should be the owner or have edit access.  Then that template needs to be viewed by anyone with the link.  For the folder anyone generating any new google docs must have edit access to the google folder.  If no folder specified then will just go to my drive by default.
  3. Then test logged in as the client user and also with their google user.  Or have them test themselves on their own or with you watching to make sure everything works properly.
  4. If you would like help to transition your process and configurations under a new user or drive, we offer premium app support as a service.