Example Use Case:
Is it possibly to display different text based on different related list conditions on Account record? I have different currencies I would like to display depending on what country the specific account is from (GBP or USD).

App expert reply:
You can accomplish this by using conditional section merge feature of A5 Documents.You can check this article, and find out how it can be done:

In short, you can create two formula checkbox fields on Account object. One that will return true if currency is GBP and the other one that will return true if currency is USD (or vice versa, as you wish). Then, you would use those formula fields to merge sections in Template Builder on Document Action.

Let’s say that formula fields are called IsGBP and IsUSD. Part of the template in question would look like this:

Bank 1 Details
Bank 2 Details

There are some additional tips in the article above for conditional merge section for more detail.