On my google doc, I have the sharing settings that anyone at my company can view the document if they have the link. I would like to have my google doc match the sharing properties in document action so I don’t receive an insufficient sharing of files error message but when I change to “company” visibility, I am getting an error message in red.

Why am I getting this error message?
-You need to have a Google Apps for Work account if you would like to use “Company” visibility in document action. If you do not have one or don’t want to get one, we suggest to modify the sharing settings on your google doc and document action to “anyone with the link.” Please review the error message below for more detail on your options.

Example Full Error Message:
Error: Invalid Data.
Review all the error messages shown below and correct your data.

Setting “Visibility” field to “Company” will allow any users in your company to have automatic access to the merged document from the “Shared with Me” folder in their Google Drive accounts. However, this feature will only work if you have a Google Apps For Work account. If you have one, then your Google Drive email will have your company set for the domain (the part after the “@” symbol in your email address). If you try to merge a document with “Visibility” set to “Company” and the Google Drive account you used to authenticate isn’t a company account, you’ll receive the alert, “Error while sharing document. Error message: Permission not found”.

If you DO have a Google Apps For Work account, then all you have to do is click here and enter your company domain in the Value field (which should match your Google Drive domain). Leave the Name field as it is (“Company_Domain”). The company domain is the part of your company email address that comes after the “@” symbol.

If you do NOT have a Google Apps For Work account, then you can either sign up for one, or just use the “Visibility: Link” setting instead, and make sure to specify a value for “Save URL to Salesforce Field”. This will allow anyone in your company who goes to that Salesforce record, to still be able to click on the URL link and go directly to the document. In addition, you can also use the “Save URL to Salesforce Field” link in any email templates that you create. You could then use that email template as an alternate means to send your merged Google Drive document to a list of users in your company.